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3rd August 2020
LMC weekly update - 31 July, 2020

NHS England/Improvement “Third phase of NHS response to COVID-19” NHSE/I have released their Third phase of NHS response to COVID-19 letter today.  It highlights the priorities for the NHS as a whole, […]

24th July 2020
LMC weekly update - 24 July, 2020

DDRB report (England) The Government in England has announced that they have agreed with the DDRB's recommendation of a 2.8% pay uplift. This applies to salaried GPs, GP trainers and GP appraisers, with payments […]

17th July 2020
LMC weekly update - 17 July, 2020

GPC England meeting GPC England met yesterday and discussed our proactive strategy for responding to the next stages of COVID-19, following the recent publication of our Trust GPs to lead report, which […]

13th July 2020
July 2020

The LMC's monthly newsletter for the Duchy's GPs and practice managers includes: The new norm Annual England LMC Conference – request for motions CQC to restart routine inspections of lower-risk GP practices […]

10th July 2020
LMC weekly update - 10 July, 2020

Update on GP services for 2020/21 (England) NHSE/I has released its next letter regarding arrangements for practices for the rest of 2020/21. In summary the letter outlines: Continued suspension of appraisal […]

5th July 2020
LMC weekly update - 3 July, 2020

Faulty PPE MHRA have advised a product recall notice to practices and care homes with safety warnings, notices for destruction and distribution stoppages for more than 85 million Cardinal Surgical […]

26th June 2020
LMC weekly update - 26 June, 2020

Trust GPs to lead: learning from the response to COVID-19 within general practice in England The results of our fifth and sixth tracker survey highlighted the scale of extra work being taken on […]

22nd June 2020
LMC weekly update - 19 June, 2020

PPE – face masks and coverings As of this week, face masks and coverings should be worn by all hospital staff and visitors and we have been calling for this to be extended […]

14th June 2020
June 2020

The monthly newsletter for the Duchy's GPs and practice managers. This issue includes: GP-to-do Requests from community hospitals for patient profiles Local Authority-funded health checks and other Public Health-commissioned services […]

13th June 2020
LMC weekly update - 12 June, 2020

Risk assessment for BAME doctors and other staff I attended a BMA coordinated meeting last Friday with representatives from thirteen BAME, International Medical Graduate and faith-based medical organisations, to discuss […]

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