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Kernow LMC - What we do

What we do

We address issues such as workload, workforce and resilience on behalf of local GPs and practices.

Key activities:

  • Provide confidential pastoral support to individual GPs/practice managers
  • Provide advice and guidance around administering the GP contract
  • We negotiate with Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group (KCCG) and other relevant bodies to secure the best terms and conditions for GP businesses
  • We represent the interests of GPs in the process of reshaping local healthcare
  • We mediate on behalf of GPs in times of conflict within practices or between constituents
  • We are consulted for advice with performance concerns and on these occasions we try and provide contextual and pragmatic input
  • We provide confidential practice support to vulnerable GP practices
  • We provide media support in times of crisis
  • Run educational courses for GPs and practice staff
  • Provide a conduit between ‘coalface’ GPs and the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) which is the negotiating arm of the British Medical Association (BMA) for GPs. Through this route we can influence the GP contract.
  • Support and advice for local Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

On a day to day basis we can help you with advice and guidance in areas such as:

  • Contracts
  • Interaction with hospitals
  • Partnership agreements or disagreements
  • Fee charging
  • General Medical Services (GMS) contracts
  • Personal Medical Services (PMS) contracts
  • Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS)
  • Contracts
  • Care Quality Commission registration and compliance
  • Complaints and disciplinary issues
  • Medical records
  • Revalidation
  • Vaccinations
  • Pensions
  • Cornwall and IoS health system insight
  • Confidential pastoral support to all GPs.

The LMC also works very closely with practice managers to provide information and listen to local issues.

We also offer some wider services to GP practices - which aren't core business - such as facilitation, which are chargeable.

Last updated on: 
February 16, 2023
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