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20th December 2019
LMC Weekly Update 20.12.2019

General election: Government pledges on NHS investmentI spoke to LBC on Sunday (just after 5pm) about the new Government's pledge to invest more into the NHS, where I said that the money […]

13th December 2019
LMC weekly update 13.12.19

BMA letter to the Prime Minister Following the general election, BMA council chair, Chaand Nagpaul, has written to the Prime Minister calling for decisive action from the new Government to […]

11th December 2019
December 2019

The monthly newsletter for the Duchy's GPs and practice managers. This issue includes: A Tale of Three Conferences Meet the LMC’s second new practice manager representative Spotlight on the LMC […]

11th December 2019
LMC Weekly Update 06.12.2019

Manifesto commitmentsAhead of the General Election next week on 12 December, the BMA has published a summary of what different party manifestos are pledging on health, available here. The page also […]

29th November 2019
LMC Weekly Update 29.11.2019

Scottish LMC conference  I attended the Scottish LMC conference in Glasgow today. Thank you to Teresa Cannavina, chair of conference, and the agenda committee for their welcome. Debates focused on important issues impacting […]

22nd November 2019
LMC Weekly Update 22.11.2019

LMC England Conference It was good to see many of you at the 2019 Conference of England LMCs which was held today in London. Thanks to Rachel McMahon, chair of conference, and […]

15th November 2019
LMC Weekly Update 15.11.2019

General election campaign health pledgesWith the general election campaign in progress, parties are starting to publish their plans for general practice should they be elected. Earlier this week the Conservative Party […]

12th November 2019
November 2019

The monthly newsletter for the Duchy's GPs and practice managers. This issue includes:  ‘Another duck house for your moated second home anyone?’  Reducing post mortems (PMs) in natural cause deaths  […]

12th November 2019
LMC statement on home visits for the Western Morning News

A spokesperson for Kernow Local Medical Committee said: “We are aware of a motion at the forthcoming Conference of England LMCs to end home visits by GPs. Home visits are vital in rural counties such as […]

8th November 2019
LMC Weekly Update 8.11.2019

BMA health manifestoWith the general election next month the BMA published its manifesto for health yesterday, where we set out our priorities for any incoming government: Reform the punitive pension tax system […]

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