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Kernow LMC - GP Pastoral Support

Pastoral support terms and conditions

Kernow LMC provides a Personal and Professional Support Service to all Doctors currently on the NHS England Performers List via Personal & Professional Support Team Members, who are remunerated by the LMC.

a. The LMC is committed to helping individuals or practices experiencing difficulties internally or with external bodies e.g. NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups, General Medical Council etc.

b. Support will be offered within reasonable time scales (aiming for a response within two working days of receipt of request), however more urgent / immediate requests will be met whenever possible.

c. The service provided will be mutually confidential, within ethical and professional boundaries and subject to GMC guidelines and the Code of Conduct for Managers,.

d. The LMC will make available a PPSSTM with appropriate skills and experience.  The Service offers a variety of medical (GP) and managerial experience.   If the Doctor / Practice finds that the allocated member of the team is “Not for them” then we shall try and offer an alternative.

e. The Service is not able to provide direct legal, financial or other services but may be able to “sign post” when necessary.

f. The LMC is committed to supporting both individuals and whole practices.  In some instances, different Team Members may be appointed to support separate individuals within the same practice.

g. The support available may include acting as a sounding board, intermediary or friend.

h. Specific services also available include LMC Facilitated Partner/Practice Meetings and Mediation.

i. The LMC can’t be held liable for any harm or untoward behaviour of colleagues who seek support from this service – or their actions to others.

2. Expectations of the Practice or Individual

a. Recognition that Kernow LMC resources are not unlimited. 

b. Recognition that the LMC has a responsibility to support the whole Practice and all its members.

c. Willingness to consult with other professional support services as required / advised by the Team Member..

3. Additional Notes

a. Limited summary notes of cases will be kept.  These will not contain sensitive information and will be retained securely by the LMC for reasons of continuity of cases.  The LMC nominated lead is responsible for the appropriate handling and retention of these notes.

b. In some cases, it may be useful for an issue to be supported by two members of the team – not necessarily for both to attend meetings, but so consultation and mutual support can contribute to a balanced handling of the situation – especially in partnership and other complex cases involving more than one person.

c. Team members have supervision from the service Lead / Office / Other members.

4. Footnotes:

a. GMC guidance on Confidentiality can be found at: .

b. The LMC retains the right to determine appropriate boundaries for interventions.

c. The LMC maintains a zero tolerance to aggressive behaviour and retains the right to cease support in such situations.

Last updated on: 
May 25, 2022
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