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15th August 2022
LMC update - 11 August, 2022

GP Wellbeing Last week we wrote to BMA members regarding the distressing news that Dr Gail Milligan, a GP at Camberley Health Centre in Surrey, took her own life, and […]

29th July 2022
LMC update - 29 July, 2022

GPC England meeting update GPC England met last week for the first time in the new session, and the meeting was opened by Dr Farah Jameel, GPC England Chair who […]

15th July 2022
LMC update - 14 July, 2022

Rising covid cases and pressures on health services The BMA is concerned about the rise in COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations in recent weeks, and the reports that the UK has […]

1st July 2022
LMC update - 30 June, 2022

ARM 2022 The BMA’s Annual Representative Meeting (ARM) was held this week. As ever, the ARM has brought meaningful discussion, debate and strong representation on behalf of the medical profession. […]

17th June 2022
LMC update - 17 June, 2022

Update on NHS Property Services (NHSPS) legal case Since early 2020, the BMA has been supporting 5 GP practices in legal dispute with NHS Property Services (NHSPS) around inflated service […]

6th June 2022
LMC update - 6 June, 2022

Important information on the GP pension scheme – new CPI modeller The recent soaring rate of inflation will have significant tax implications for some GPs’ pensions. This applies to those […]

20th May 2022
LMC update - 20 May, 2022

GPC England meeting update GPC England met yesterday 19 May 2022 in their first face-to-face meeting since before the pandemic. Zoe Greaves, GPC England speaker, opened the meeting by welcoming […]

6th May 2022
LMC update - 6 May, 2022

By Dr Kieran Sharrock, Deputy Chair, GPC England For clarity, I thought it would be useful to add some greater context to the position of GPCE exec around the Network […]

24th April 2022
LMC update - 22 April, 2022

PCN DES The updated PCN DES specification was published at the start of this month. Whilst GPC England continues to support the principle of the DES – independently contracted practices […]

8th April 2022
LMC weekly update - 7 April, 2022

Rebuild general practice campaign General Practice is in crisis and patient safety is at risk. The BMA, working in partnership with the GPDF, recently launched the Rebuild General Practice campaign to […]

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