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Key meetings we attend

Clinical Leadership Group Meeting

A committee of GP representatives from the Primary Care Networks (PCNs) liaising with NHS Kernow on matters of clinical interest to primary care. It meets monthly under the Chairmanship of Paul Cook and the LMC provides contractual support and sense checks.

Outpatient Transformation Board Meeting

Reports to the Planned Care Board. A Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust (RCHT) meeting to improve patient outcomes in outpatient departments., looking at ways to innovate patient care and manage the increasing numbers of referrals coming to RCHT consultants, both from primary care and from within RCHT.  

Premises and Estates Steering Group

NHS Kernow and NHS England and Improvement (NHSE&I) monthly meeting to discuss the operational aspects of primary care estate management – from expansion and new build, to rent reviews and Minor Improvement Grants. This Committee is delegated to make some significant recommendations about priorities, investment levels and processes. The LMC attends as an observer, to ensure that outcomes are fairly achieved and that general practice is confidently represented.

South West Regional LMCs Meeting

Chaired in rotation by each LMC, this is a forum of Chiefs and Chairs of LMCs from Wessex, Avon, Bristol, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. It meets quarterly, to share common issues and resources, determine South West-wide approaches to resolution of those issues and to hold external organisations to account in a collaborative manner.

Devon and Cornwall Liaison Meeting

As per the South West Regional LMCs Meeting in terms of aims and objectives, alternate chairing by each LMC Chair, attended by three-quarters of our Executive.

Kernow Health CIC Workforce Steering Group Meeting

Training Hub-led; the LMC attends as a member of that group, to share, plan and complement training needs for general practice staff, to co-produce events - such as the Practice Managers Conference - and to support any national escalation of training pressures and issues via the General Practitioners' Committee (GPC) on behalf of the group.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee

An NHS Kernow top table meeting where all manner of general practice contracting, networking, resourcing and quality issues are discussed with senior leaders. Patient groups are also represented. The LMC is an observer (Chair and CEO attend), but we have a standing agenda slot for LMC business, to hold the commissioners to account.

Primary Care Development Group

Hosted by NHS Kernow. It was the place where the LMC attended as a member of the group (CEO and Chair) which also comprised of other system partners (Kernow Health, Training Hub, RCHT directors, Cornwall Foundation Trust (CFT) on occasion). It was a place to discuss GP Forward View and resilience fund monies, PMS premium application, general practice challenges arising from commissioning decisions, vulnerable practice support .. to name a few. Since February 2020, it has moved into the realm of targeted workshops to discuss primary care priorities, such as digital transformation.

Primary Care Operations Group

Hosted by NHS Kernow. It deals with contractual aspects of general practice and wider primary care. The LMC is a non-voting member of the group (CEO and Chair) and is the only member external to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

LMC and CCG negotiations committee

Hosted by the LMC. This is the place where all aspects of local commissioning which impact upon general practice are discussed, refined and RAG-rated by the LMC (in terms of financial and other resource implications). In many respects, it is the most important meeting we attend on your behalf.

Primary Care Quality Assurance and Resilience Group

Attended by the CEO and an experienced member of Committee, this group is hosted by the CCG and we are the single representative for general practice at those meetings. Clinical learnings (eg through PITCH reporting), vulnerable practice support and commissioner assurance processes are discussed and recommendations put forward.

Performance Advisory Group

NHS England (NHSE) has established performer’s lists decision panels (PLDPs) and performance advisory groups (PAGs) within area teams to support its responsibility in managing performance of primary care performers. The PAG’s role is investigative and advisory; the role of the PLDP is to make decisions under the performers lists regulations. The PAG considers all complaints or concerns that are reported about a named clinician and can determine whether an initial investigation is to be carried out. If action is considered to be necessary under the performers’ lists regulations, the case is referred to a PLDP.

Being referred to PAG is scary and worrying, but please be assured that our local PAG is ably led by Dr Liz Thomas who is herself a very experienced GP. The PAG is even handed and supported by experienced and wise NHSE staff.

Kernow Health Board Meeting

The LMC attends as an observer at these meetings, providing advice and support; there is a reciprocal arrangement for the CIC to attend our Committee Meetings, to ensure that we are able to support general practice locally. The LMC is also able to support any national escalation of training pressures and issues via the General Practitioners' Committee (GPC) on behalf of the group.

Adult Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee

This is the County Council committee which the LMC is asked to attend from time to time to provide information about various aspects of general practice and its symbiotic relationship with social care. The LMC role is to inform and to help influence strategy at a local level, for the collective benefit of general practice.

Cornwall and SW Flu Meetings

Hosted by NHS Kernow and the South West Immunisation teams respectively, the LMC attends (CEO) to ensure there is representation, collaboration where possible, update, ability to escalate issues and a sense check to support general practice across their flu campaigns.

PM meetings

Hosted by Practice Managers across the Duchy, the LMC CEO is invited to attend to update, share and take on any issues raised at practice and integrated care area level.

Local Health Resilience Partnership

Hosted by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) regionally, senior representatives from secondary care, out of hours providers, South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) and others from across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset are represented. Kernow LMC attends on behalf of all three LMCs, to fly the flag for primary care and endeavour to ensure nothing daft happens

LPC meetings

Regular joint meetings (every quarter) between CEOs for each organisation to share information, air issues and identify areas of collaboration wherever possible

Cornwall Area Prescribing Committee (CAPC)

NHS Kernow, secondary care, community providers, primary care, pharmacy and lay membership focusing on quality prescribing, medicines management and formulary and the impact on the 'system' of formulary and medicines management decisions.

(1 x LMC and the CCG prescribing lead GPs are the primary care presence)

Joint Cornwall Commissioning Prescribing Committee /Medicines Optimisation Programme Board

NHS Kernow commissioning/Primary Care focus with emphasis on budgets, prescribing schemes, taking issues from CAPC and other purchasing/commissioning decisions into account.

(1 x LMC and the CCG prescribing lead GPs are the primary care presence)

Cornwall Area Prescribing Committee Technical Working Group: (CAPC TWG)

A smaller working sub-committee of CAPC looking at more detailed evidence and operational impact on secondary and primary care of new drugs applications for formulary

(1 x LMC and two CCG prescribing lead GPs are the primary care presence)

Drugs and Alcohol Team Governance Group

CCG/Addaction/Cornwall Council/Pharmacy/Community providers overview of Drugs/Alcholol provision of service, policies, prescribing.

(LMC Is only primary care presence)

Controlled Drugs Local Intelligence Network South West England

Statutory network meeting with responsible officers of all prescribing providers in secondary care, private providers, community, police, council, NHSE, discussing CD issues

(LMC Is only primary care presence)

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