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The Single Electronic Referral Form (SERF)

LMC members continued to express concerns that the SERF was not fit for purpose and generated administration for clinicians which reduced their time for clinical tasks. Discussions continue with the CCG, RCHT and CFT.

Committee Roles

After a request for expressions of interest the three Executive posts were elected by Committee unopposed in line with the current Executive’s proposals for the new three-year term. Commencing September 2021, the Executive will be re-structured as follows:

  • Chair – Dr Nick Rogers
  • Vice Chair – Dr Will Hynds
  • Treasurer – Dr Phil Trevail#

Chair’s Report

Dr Will Hynds reported on the following:

  • Secondary care are keen to establish community diagnostic hubs to bolster secondary care investigations outside the hospital.
  • The Executive Team are in consultation with partners around safeguarding reports and will continue to update you.  In the meantime, please ensure that any invoices for reports are emailed to
  • Expect a further iteration of the White Paper in due course. Work continues on your behalf to ensure the voice of primary care will be heard within the Integrated Care System (ICS).

KCCG Report

Andrew Abbott and Kirsty Lewis report on:

  • The planned transfer back of various community services eg dental, pharmacy etc from NHS England to the ICS.
  • IAGP funding and CCG LES’s are to be paid at block contract rates to September 2021.
  • For the first quarter of this financial year, CDs will be funded at 1 full-time equivalent if their PCNs are signed up to provide C19 vaccinations.
  • An escalation framework for pressures in primary care is to be looked at by a joint KCCG/LMC working party.

KHCIC Training Hub update

Laura Wheeler from KHCIC gave an update on the various training courses available.  Please refer to their website for further information

Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM)

Nicola Davies from Roseland Surgeries gave a presentation on the newly formed Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) which Kernow LMC is supporting. Further information can be found on our website here -  About the IGPR - Kernow LMC

Observer seat for KHCIC at our Committee

It was agreed by members for Kernow Health CIC to have an Observer seat at our Committee meetings as a reciprocal arrangement for our seat on their Board

Post Covid Service

Dr Robert Gardner gave an update on the Post Covid Service and reported that referral forms are now available to share with colleagues. 

VTE pre-assessment tool

A reminder was given that valid referrals to secondary care cannot be refused. The LMC are following up a recent refusal from fracture clinic to accept a referral without a VTE pre-referral assessment. The LMC continue to campaign for a reduction in administrative burden on practices – this is one practical example.

LMC Remuneration Survey

LMC salaries and Committee remuneration rates were found to represent good value to Cornwall when benchmarked with other areas.

ICS and system-wide influence

Various LMC members already sit on the ICA Boards in Cornwall but anyone with ideas/views/comments on how GPs/the LMC can influence the ICS (Integrated Care System) further please email

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May 24, 2021
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