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10th May 2020
LMC weekly update 8 May 2020

Care homes arrangements (England)In their Primary Care Bulletin 1 May, NHSEI advised CCGs to work with primary care and community providers to ensure timely access to clinical advice for care home […]

4th May 2020
LMC weekly update 1 May 2020

NHSEI letter to the profession on second phase of NHS response to COVID-19 NHSEI has sent a letter to NHS organisations setting out the second phase of NHS response to COVID-19. The […]

26th April 2020
LMC weekly update 24 April 2020

GP and practice COVID-19 toolkit (England) GPC England has published a toolkit for GPs and practices which should hopefully answer many of the questions we have been getting on a large range […]

17th April 2020
LMC weekly update 17 April 2020

PPE update The BMA continues to put pressure on Government to provide adequate and sufficient PPE for all healthcare workers, which as shown by the results of our survey, are still lacking […]

10th April 2020
LMC weekly update 10 April 2020

Easter opening hoursNHS England have belatedly released details about the Easter weekend service in England. Emergency changes to GMS contract regulations published last week mean that today, Friday 10 April (Good Friday), […]

3rd April 2020
LMC weekly update 3 April 2020

GP COVID-19 preparedness update (England)GPC England has published a GP preparedness guide to help guide practices to safely support delivery of health care within the current extremely challenging and pressurised environment. We […]

28th March 2020
LMC weekly update 27 March 2020

You will all be aware that, on Monday, the Prime Minister issued a statement introducing even  tougher measures on social distancing and said that people “must stay at home” in order to protect the […]

22nd March 2020
LMC weekly update 20 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updateOn Monday, the Prime Minister and CMO announced that the UK has entered the ‘rapid spread’ stage, and has introduced a number of new measures on social distancing: […]

16th March 2020
LMC weekly update 13 March 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) updateThe Prime Minister made an announcement yesterday regarding Covid-19 confirming that the UK has officially moved from containment into delay phase. The case definition has changed as of […]

9th March 2020
LMC Weekly Update 6 March 2020

GP contract Roadshows (England)The GPC England executive team have been presenting GP contract details for 2020-21 to GPs and LMCs, at a series of contract roadshow events across England. Thanks to those of you who have […]

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