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August 2020

The LMC's monthly newsletter for the Duchy’s GPs and practice managers includes:

  • A savage blow
  • CAMHS waiting time recovery plan update
  • SERF update 
  • Evolution of PCNs
  • Flu latest
  • Gender reassignment
  • The role and work of the LMC
  • Child Health Information Service (CHIS) latest
  • Practice Managers Learning Event cancelled/PM Conference update
  • Latest NHS Kernow Highlight Report
  • Guidance note for patients requesting exemption letters for wearing face masks
  • Covid-19 certification for travelling abroad
  • NHSEI third phase of NHS response to Covid-19
  • Covid-19 – new infection control recommendations for primary health care providers
  • Self-isolation of health and care workers from high-risk countries
  • Shielding guidance for staff on returning to work
  • Regional Covid-19 cases and triage figures published in new interactive dashboard
  • New system alerts GPs to Covid-19 test results
  • Update on GP services for 2020/21
  • Workflow and workload issues
  • Intimate clinical assessments undertaken remotely
  • RCGP calls for less arduous regulation and more trust in general practice
  • NHS Health Check: Restart Preparation
  • National Data opt out – deadline reminder
  • Transition between Covid-19 care home support and the Care Homes service in the PCN DES
  • NHS Confederation report on PCNs
  • New report on ‘Mental health and PCNs – Understanding the opportunities’
  • Workforce Minimum Data Set
  • SystmOne practices: new electronic notifications for the urgent supply of medicines
  • Feedback on your interactions with CQC
  • Childcare costs for doctors to be covered in drive to boost GP numbers
  • New video gives advice on reducing administrative errors
  • GP recruitment
  • Third record-breaking year for GP trainee recruitment
  • Apprenticeship funding
  • Health and care video library available free to NHS
  • Could you save money with the LMC Buying Group? 
  • Fraudulent curriculum vitae
  • Latest jobs in local general practice
Last updated on: 
September 2, 2020
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