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Meet the LMC’s Pastoral Support Team

Dr Steve Jefferies Kerow LMC Pastoral Support OfficerDr Steve Jefferies

Steve has been on the LMC since the 1990s and became a ‘Doctor’s Friend’ shortly afterwards. 

As one of the Pastoral and Professional Support Services team he is passionate about providing both emotional and practical support to any doctors who are struggling in primary care for whatever reason. 

Dr-Sarah-Keast-Kernow-Pastoral-Support-OfficerDr Sarah Keast 

Sarah is a four session salaried GP at Petroc Group Practice, having spent some time in other surgeries previously as a partner (10 years), salaried GP and locum. She is also an out of hours GP working one session a week and does GP appraisals across Cornwall. She tops off her portfolio with some locum coil fitting clinics across several practices in Mid Cornwall. 

Sarah has a broad contact with GPs in Cornwall and hopes she can work with others to support and optimise our varied working lives. She feels it is particularly important that she represents part-time female salaried GPs, who now make up a significant proportion of Cornwall’s workforce.

Dr Victoria Olobia

Victoria is a portfolio GP working in both West and Central Cornwall.

Dr-Franceso-Scaglioni-Kernow-Pastoral-Support-OfficerDr Francesco Scaglioni

Francesco started to run a small practice in South East Cornwall in 1990, becoming a member of the LMC in 2001 and then of the Exec from 2005 to 2018. He joined the Pastoral Care team in 2008 and has headed up the service since 2012. In 2009 Francesco added GPSI work to his practice work. In 2015 he left the practice, continuing as a regular GP locum, GPSI and member of the LMC Pastoral Care Team.

Dr Rebekah Gibbon, Pastoral Support Officer for Kernow LMCDr Rebekah Gibbons

Rebekah is a portfolio GP with current roles including locum work, women’s health, and supporting GPs via mentoring and appraising.

Over the 20 years of being a GP Rebekah has worked previously in salaried and partnership roles. She is an EMCC Senior Practitioner Coach and Mentor and has a particular interest in holistic health and wellbeing.

Last updated on: 
August 24, 2023
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