Representing GPs

We advise, support, inform and represent the interests of primary care doctors (General Practitioners, Locums, Out of Hours Doctors, GP Registrars and others) in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

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Cornwall Region

The LMC Committee is made up of GPs from North East, Central and West Cornwall – elected every three years by an electoral college consisting of the GPs of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.

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Advice & Support

An important part of the role of Cornwall & Isles of Scilly LMC is pastoral support. Whatever the issue, be it professional or personal – we’re here to help.

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What We Do

LMCs have always provided services beyond their purely statutory functions, representing the core values of the profession and striving to ensure the highest standards of equity and fairness; democracy and professionalism.

What We Do

Latest News

With regular news items, a monthly newsletter and current vacancies in the region – all accessible from this site, you can keep up to date and in the loop.

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Tools for GPs to stop bureaucratic workload demands

Imagine if in our daily work as GPs:
•We no longer receive letters requesting a GP to re-refer a patient who misses an outpatient appointment, with hospitals instead directly liaising with patients to book another appointment

•Results of investigations requested by hospital clinicians are communicated by the hospital directly to the patient, including telephoning them where necessary. Patients would therefore no longer make appointments with GPs, for example, to find out the result of the scan they had two weeks ago in hospital, nor would we receive letters requesting us to chase up results for patients discharged, or in-between clinic appointments

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We need time for quality and safety

For most GPs, the greatest constraint to properly caring for our patients is the anachronistic 10-minute consultation, which nine in 10 GPs say cannot meet the needs of patients, both for an ageing population with multiple morbity, and also the transfer of care out of hospital.

A typical older patient with four chronic conditions would previously have occupied four outpatient clinics and taken up nearly one and a half hours, yet we are expected to do the impossible in 10 minutes. The intensity is compounded by GPs seeing far too many patients in a day – European averages are a maximum of 25 patients a day, yet in the UK, GPs can have upwards of 60 patient contacts daily. This short-changes patients and undermines quality and safety.

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